vsound - A Virtual Audio Loopback Cable
A Virtual Audio Loopback Cable


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Vsound was originally written by James Henstridge based on code written by Manish Singh as part of the Enlightened Sound Daemon package. The last version James released was 0.2, in May, 1999 (I am mirroring the original vsound 0.2 distribution here). Here is the Freshmeat announcement;

"VSound is a sort of like a `virtual audio loopback cable'. That is, it allows you to record the output audio stream of a program (similar to connecting a loopback cable to the line in and line out jacks on the sound card, and recording the sound from the line in jack, but without the DA/AD conversion losses). One possible use for this application is as part of a RealAudio to wav file converter."

Work was then taken over by Erik de Castro Lopo, who on finding that it didn't work with the latest Realplayer G2 release fixed it and after being unable to contact James Henstridge to submit a patch decided to release a new version (0.3) himself
Unfortunately as of October 2002 Erik can no longer continue to make vsound available from his web site due to the Australian Digital Agenda Bill 2000 so in December 2002 I mirrored web page and source code at http://www.vsound.org/. Since then I have received a patch from Richard Taylor which added the handy autostop feature, have fixed the resample option and released Version 0.6