vsound - A Virtual Audio Loopback Cable
A Virtual Audio Loopback Cable


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Compiling & Installing
This program should run on any unix-like system which provides the OSS sound interface. It has been tested on Linux using the standard kernel sound drivers.

To make this work you will need a couple of things :
  • The source code tarball vsound-0.6.tar.gz
  • the SoX program which should be part of your distribution.
  • the usual compiler and system tools
To build and install vsound, you will need to carry out the following steps.
  1. Un-tar-gzip the vsound tarball
                tar zxf vsound-0.6.tar.gz
  2. Change into the vsound directory
                cd vsound-0.6
  3. Configure and build the program
  4. Become root and install the program
                make install

By default the vsound wrapper script is installed in /usr/local/bin/ and the library in /usr/local/lib/vsound/
After carrying out the above steps, you may delete the sources and the vsound-0.6 directory.